Indian Cricket Team Captain – Skill And Ability

Does India Cricket Captain have the skill and ability to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?


  • Virat Kohli is bidding to become the third Indian captain to lift the World Cup
  • Darren Sammy says Virat Kohli’s ability to lead from the front augurs well for Team India
  • The World T20-winning skipper backs the West Indies to challenge top teams in England next year

India Cricket Team Captain

In 1983, Kapil’s devils changed the image of Indian cricket. Not many, some of whom were in the Indian dressing room, then they got an opportunity to beat the world’s big boys in world cricket.

However, the powerful West Indies were beaten in the final and Kapil lifted the World Cup in the Lord’s Balcony, which is being watched as the watershed moment of the history of Indian cricket.

Some great Indian captains, including Mohammad Azharuddin and Sourav Ganguly, tried to emulate Kapil but they did not get any success. However, another person in a small city in the country – MS Dhoni helped India overcome Australian dominance and waited for 28 years at home in 2011.

Now the poster boy of the new era of Indian cricket is going to take the burden of one billion hopes for Virat Kohli, as one of the title favorites in the 2019 World Cup.

Since taking charge as Captain of limited overs in 2017, Kohli has ensured that India remains one of the limited overs in world cricket. The boy from Delhi participated in his first major test as captain because he incited his teammates to defeat Pakistan’s opponent in an only one-sided final in the Champions Trophy 2017 final in England.

Kohli captaincy skills, T20 globetrotter and Zee 5 North Warriors captain Darren Sammy, who are aware of winning one or two world titles, say that the captain of India has said that next year in England They will help him in the World Cup.

Sammy said that the ability to lead Kohli’s performance for Team India is good, which is one of the teams that defeated next year’s 50-over show in the 50s.

“With the World Cup played every four years, they have to win the World Cup next year. I’m not sure whether they will be around during the 2024 (2023) edition, but I’m sure they have to win India. The World Cup, “Sammy told INDIA TODAY from the United Arab Emirates.

The World T20 winner, the former West Indies captain, said, “We are all different leaders, we bring different qualities along with our leadership.” Virat is the one who leads the performance. He performs consistently well. The way I was leading, I was different. Inspiration. I had a very good team in which I did not have to become a star.

“India has always been a force to play with limited overs cricket and T20I, India has won under Dhoni, which I think is a great captain, I have learned some things from him too. “

In the meantime, Sammy emphasized the importance of being Chris Gayle in the World Cup in the World Cup, saying that the first name in the team of the big-hitting team should be provided, provided it made itself available.

Due to controversy and contract issues in the absence of many prominent players, two-time champions failed to seal an automatic berth, but qualifying for the 10-team tournament after qualifying play earlier this year. Managed

However, Sammy is excited by the rise of exciting talent, especially in the fast bowling unit. If they go to England with the “right team”, then the West Indies can challenge big boys according to 34 years.

Sammy said, “Chris Gayle should be the first person of XI if he is available.”

“It is played on the cricket field, no matter who is in the dressing room, if we get the right combination of the right team and players, then we will be able to challenge any team. I hope the West Indies are doing. Well in England. ”

Sammy also shared his views on the latest experiment of the game – T10 Cricket, which states that the format has the ability to be a cricket vehicle for the Olympics.

T-10 cricket, as shown in the highly publicized T10 league, is played more than 90 minutes with 10 overs and the former West Indies captain feels
This soccer-like facility will take the format in unchanged territories.

“This” T10 Cricket] is a very exciting format. I was also there last year too. The crowd is fabulous. Cricket is being played like a 90-minute football match. T20 is exciting but T10 cricket brings much more excitement. “Would like to call this format ‘Highlights Cricket’.”

“I also think T10 cricket is the ideal vehicle to run cricket in the Olympics.”

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